Database Development

Databases can be extremely productive. Just having a database is not going to contribute much more to your organization than just having a huge pile of paper. The most important parts of a database are the tools at your disposal that extract information you want from the database. Many times, in a small office, the ability to develop these tools are present, what's needed is the expertise to develop them.

Developing a database includes: collecting the information, organizing how it is stored, building the application (that allows you to input and manage the data in the database), creating reporting and querying mechanisms so that you can extract, sort, and arrange data in ways that provide answers to questions. Your database might contain everything from document titles, contacts to keep track of, to members of your organization. The principles of storing and retrieving information are the same. Importing your information into a database can make or break your ability to respond quickly and effectively to a need.

Database development for IS IT is currently restricted to desktop database packages (Access, ACT!, etc...), due to expertise in small office settings and typical clientele.

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