Software Application Development

In order for Information Technology to be effective it must emulate a process (a way of performing tasks), in the way that things are already done. If the technology changes the process, the process must be relearned, and efficiency goes down.

IS IT strives to emulate current business processes by developing applications using the tools you already use. All Office Suites on the market have enough programming capability built into them that custom applications can be developed using the products you already own. If a process cannot be automated within your current technologies, it can at least be formalized and instructions generated on how to perform the required steps. Either way, the cost of the solution is minimized.

The most important step in developing a software application, is determining the "application part" - just what it is the software will be applied to doing. In other words, understanding how the work gets done. Only with a real understanding of how the work gets done can it then be properly emulated using information technology.

Many times in order to determine how things get done, an application developer must work with you to see how you do your work. Unfortunately, application developers come from a very narrow background, so relating to how you do your work can be a difficult thing for them. My background extends from manufacturing, to food service, to office work, to engineering, to scientific research. Computing skills are just one facet of my total self. Given that, and the ability to communicate effectively, I honestly feel that the work I do is of higher quality than a highly focused developer. My clientele agrees.

If my expertise does not cover your environment or needs, I will not hesitate to tell you so (that is I won't pretend to know what I'm doing when I don't). However, IS IT can work closely with your developer (as a technical interpreter) to ensure that the product you have built for you is the product your desire. Or, IS IT can do preliminary work required to analyze and define your overall needs before you call in a developer, thus reducing your overall costs.

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