"If there is anything more scarce,
more unique, more rare than ability,
it's the ability to recognize ability."
- Harvey Mackay -


Who is IS IT? Well, IS IT is me, Brian Shunamon.

What you want to know is how I am qualified as a technical consultant, how those qualifications might appear on a modern-type resume. In reality, however, that will not come anywhere near answering the questions you have, nor guaranteeing that the qualities you seek are available in me. Technical specs, or wielding acronyms, do not guarantee the ability to think, and after all critical thought is the main ingredient for a technical success.

You've probably interviewed before, hired bad candidates who seemed to have jumped through all the right hoops, you know what I'm talking about - all those MCSE's out there who jumped into the arena to make money. But, you're addicted to this process aren't you? Don't you just hate all this prodding? This making you think in directions you were not already headed in? That's what a good consultant should do for you - help you think in areas you were not already thinking, and do so in ENGLISH!

The trick to uncovering extraordinary talent is in revealing qualities that are not explicitly documented in a resume or CV. Things like natural curiosity, an innate (self rewarding) drive to solve problems, a true desire to be of service. You find out about those qualities by looking at the whole person, that takes a little more than reading just the sound bites.

- Contributing to the success of Socially Responsible Organizations. -

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