Philosophy on Technology

Technology in and of itself it neither bad nor good, it is morally neutral. How technology is implemented gives it a moral bias.

The implementation of technology without the inclusion of the human spirit makes technology bad. To paraphrase Pirsig in "Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance," technology is a melding of nature and the human spirit. When the human spirit is not involved in developing, or implementing, technology we get things that are polluting, destructive, and do not contribute to enhancing quality of life. We get technologists who implement technology for its own sake, and not for the benefit of helping those who will be using it.We get people who enter the field of technology because it pays well.

Technology without applying interdisciplinary thought produces a mindless series of events that lead us toward an inhumane society. Luddites do not necessarily abhor technology itself, but many times it is the results of technology - its effect on society - that are the root of distaste.

Fundamentally, IS IT leans toward moderation in all things. Technological implementation, like any change contemplated needs to be considered for its implications and how environments will be required to change before it is implemented. In our society, there is an unconscious assumption that new technology will always be better than old. This leads us to make decisions toward new technologies that do not always contribute to what it is we are trying to accomplish.

Assumptions can be nice things, but when they are used for diversions from thought they can be dangerous. IS IT seeks first to have clients think - not about technology, but about business process, only then does it seek implementing new technologies. This is probably far different from any technology consultants you may have encountered to date. That's good, because IS IT is far different from any technologists you have dealt with to date. Combining this consideration of how technology is to be used, and affect, an organization, with a very strong skill set in Information Technologies, IS IT is quite different in that it can actually make your organization's Information Systems work. Best of all, because it will be done intelligently your entire organization will find the implementation helpful.

- Contributing to the success of Socially Responsible Organizations. -

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