What is a Socially Responsible Organization?

Socially Responsible is a subjective phrase. What is socially responsible to one person, may not be socially responsible to another. Therefore, defining what is considered Socially Responsible by IS IT is essential to being able to choose whose success to contribute to among the myriad of organizations and businesses in the world, and to being understood by those looking to have services provided by IS IT.

Fundamentally this approach to doing business is about choice. IS IT is founded on the idea that we make choices each day which shape the world we currently live in and create the world we, and our children, will live in tomorrow. The idea is based on the fact that we do have control over the world that we create, and would like to see created, and that control is exercised through our choices.

IS IT supports organizations that it feels contribute to creating a world desirable to live in. There are any number of ways an organization can work toward that goal. The organization does not necessarily have to be a non-profit, or advocacy organization. Nor does it have to claim to be, or be considered, a "socially responsible" business. The organization simply must have in place practices that, in their implementation seek to create a better world. In line with this, what follows are some guidelines as to how IS IT determines Social Responsibility:

IS IT also encourages job seekers to put some thought into what they will be contributing in their careers and take a Graduation Pledge to contribute to the world positively. The pledge reads "I pledge to explore and take into account the social and environmentalconsequences of any job I consider and will try to improve these aspects of any organizations for which I work." For more information, or materials, on the Pledge program contact Neil Wollman at Manchester College, or visit their web site.

- Contributing to the success of Socially Responsible Organizations. -

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