Business Philosophy

Everybody has a philosphy on business, some businesses just never get to the point of vocalizing that publicly.

IS IT believes that business should do more than just make money for itself. Business should provide a service or product that serves the world in some beneficial way. This definition means that this product or service must do more than fill a market need, it must fill that need in a thoughtful, well engineered way - one that goes beyond the day to day requirement of filling a need and extends into enhancing the lives of the people and organizations that make use of that product or service.

Business has a responsibility to give something back to people who help make it successful. This requirement includes employees, investors, and the community served. Giving back can take a number of forms and varies with each organization, but with each form it is a conscious effort and done in a true spirit of thankfulness.

Business is always a service, whether it provides a service or a product. In line with that, business should always perform its duties with a serving heart - one that seeks to help first, and profit only through the experience of helping. Profiting without service, is essentially theft.

The focus of merchants solely on profit-making is what has given business a bad name. If merchants adopt a more meaningful approach to work, business can be seen as contributing to more than just their bottom line - i.e. the creation of a better world to live in and raise children in. Yes, idealistic yet pragmatic - besides it's the only way I care to live.

- Contributing to the success of Socially Responsible Organizations. -

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